The Tryfoodlovers diet plan was created some years ago by workout specialist Robert Ferguson. More recently the program and website,, has become the property of Provida Life Sciences developers of health and wellness products since 2000. is so heavily advertised that we just had to take a closer look and we discovered some very interesting things about what is not included in the program as opposed to what is. If you’re over 50 and need to lose weight, please pay close attention as this post is especially for you.

Does This Program Work For Those Over 50?

First, let’s examine the difference of results for those over 50 using the  TryFoodLovers  program and those that are younger. By an overwhelming number those over 50 are far less successful in their weight loss results with this program than their younger counterparts. There are many reasons why this is true and we will cover many of those in this review.

Something different seems to happen to most of us when we reach the age of 50 that effects practically all areas of our overall health and bodily functions. Yes, things seem to slow down quite a bit for most people and many of those things can have a dramatic effect on your ability to control your weight. So it only makes sense that as things begin to slow down that something has to speed up if we expect to lose weight with any regularity at all. And no, I’m not just referring to more exercise.

What Adjustments Do I Need To Make?

Female Fat Burning Secret

First and foremost it’s vital to understand the importance of proper nutrition and the effect it has on our   bodies overall performance. Without proper daily nutrition your chances of losing weight with any program are reduced to near zero.

If you recall the commercials you saw or heard promoting the diet plan do you remember any mention of proper nutrition as being the foundation of the program? No, I didn’t either. I can only remember the actors talking for 30 minutes about how eating any thing you want in different combinations will insure that you will lose weight. They even guarantee it. Mostly because they are well aware of the fact that most people will not go through the trouble to package it all up and send it back in order to collect a refund. Minus shipping charges of course.

What Can I Do To Boost My Metabolism at My Age?

As you get older, boosting your metabolism becomes increasingly more difficult but certainly obtainable.

Let’s face it. Most of us over age 50 are on some type of daily medication. If you are not then congratulations are in order. If you are, you surely don’t want to complicate matters by taking fat burners, diet pills, or unnatural substances to accomplish that goal. Your metabolic rate needs to be increased naturally just as it did when you were younger. Much younger.

You can easily manage that by the kinds of foods you eat accompanied by light exercise. Over age 50 you will never accomplish this by simply eating what ever you want and just switching the combinations and orders of how you eat it all around. It all comes down to WHAT YOU EAT if you seriously want to see consistent weight loss results.

Is There a Real Solution For Those Over 50?

Look, if you’re over 50 you’ve been around long enough to know that slick advertising works. Especially when we are being told in the ads what we all want to hear. No changes, no effort, eat whatever you want and we will miraculously lose weight. I’ll be the first to admit that they sure know how to advertise and get your attention but unfortunately, they don’t know squat about healthy weight loss. Especially for those of us over 50. But there is a solution.

Secret Uncovered!


I have reviewed diets and weight loss supplements for years now and I have seen many fad diets come and go. Mostly go. Seemingly every week it’s something new in the marketplace. Always some extract from some exotic plant or a new technique that takes the country by storm because some celebrity is paid a fortune to tell you how great it is.

The secret your about to discover is only a secret because marketers have kept it hidden from you at all cost in hopes that you will continue to buy the next gimmick or “magic dust“ you can sprinkle on your food.

It’s really not a secret at all. It’s just the plain truth.

The most successful diet I’ve ever reviewed is actually not a diet at all. It’s the Venus Factor developed by renowned nutritionist and author John Barban. His amazing story has caught fire and is helping thousands of women in our age group to successfully lose weight and keep it off for the long haul.

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