Today I want to talk about the 6 biggest reasons why most people refer to this heavily TV advertised diet as tryfoodlovers scam.  AND, more importantly, what women everywhere are discovering as a MUCH BETTER weight loss solution, especially for women over 40!

As easy as it is for most of us to lose the first few pounds with the latest fad diet plan, have you ever wondered why it gets harder instead of easier to continue to lose weight? Some aspects to the answer of that question are fairly obvious with the tryfoodlovers scam, while others may not be so clear. So let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t!

Even though the tryfoodlovers scam has been advertised as a great plan, it is missing several key components that would otherwise insure you a much better chance of a steady long term weight loss result. The tryfoodlovers scam presumably prevents the number one problem that most dieters face which is constant and sometimes agonizing hunger pangs.

Although constantly feeling hungry can be a legitimate concern for lots of dieters, eating the right foods at the right times can go a long way towards preventing, if not eliminating that concern altogether. Let’s take a look at 6 important factors that can increase your chances of losing a substantial amount of weight in a reasonable period of time dramatically.



1. Avoiding Processed Foods

Avoiding these foods is not only a “big deal” for weight loss but is a “very big deal” for gaining control of your overall health. Processed foods are wildly popular today mostly for their convenient, “fast food” appeal to the average consumer. The next time you are tempted to buy a processed food product, take the time to read the labeled ingredients and additives. It’s like reading the script of a horror movie.

Many if not all of these food alternatives will actually prevent you from losing weight. Natural whole foods may not be as accessible to most of us but will increase your odds of losing weight exponentially and allow your body to function much more normally promoting overall better health.

2. Staying Properly Hydrated Throughout The Dieting Process

The tryfoodlovers scam never mentions the importance of drinking lots of water each day. If your body should even become borderline dehydrated, it will slow down your metabolism to almost a halt. Water is ideal to keep your body hydrated and burning fat, but other liquids work equally as well when you feel you just can‘t drink another glass of water. In most instances the colder the beverage the better as it will cause your body to work harder thus raising your metabolic rate for a longer period of time.

3. Finding More Ways To Keep Your Body Moving

Another area the tryfoodlovers scam does not mention in any of their advertisements is the impact of light exercise can have on your success. You would be amazed at how just little extra added movements throughout the day can make the biggest difference in your overall results.

Just being a little creative can solve most of this. Examples would be doing as many of your daily chores while standing up whenever possible. Walking to do errands instead of driving when the opportunity is feasible or even parking greater distances from your intended destination and walking the rest of the way. These minor adjustments can all add up to pay major dividends.

4. Avoiding Trans Fats

The biggest myth and complaint about the tryfoodlovers diet plan is the notion that you can eat anything you want and still lose weight. Trans fats, found in many foods are a “weight loss killer.”

Some of the more recognizable trans fats are shortening and margarine spreads also high in saturated fat. Many cereals, crackers, and potato chip varieties are high in trans fats as well. Other more notable sources of trans and saturated fats are practically all processed foods as previously discussed.


5. Embrace Good Healthy Fats

One of the commercial diet industries biggest lies is that all fats are bad for you and you must avoid them at all costs. This myth has become increasingly more popular over the last 15 to 20 years. Not coincidently, this is when all the fad diets began to pop up everywhere.

A regular intake of good healthy fats actually promotes and aids in a healthy weight loss plan. Examples of good healthy and natural fats are Omega 3’s found in fresh fish, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil just to list a few. Incorporating any of these in your daily diet will work wonders for dieting results.

6. Not Believing All The Commercial Diet Hype Which Leads To Even More Complaints!

What has led to most of the complaints associated with the tryfoodlovers scam is so much misinformation and marketing hype they try and convey to potential customers. Once a person has bought the product, the expectations are high but the actual results have been minimal in most cases.

Most, if not all of us, have considered  trying diet plans like this because we all want to eat “all the foods we love” for a prolonged period of time, but eventually have little or no results for doing so. Where this program has failed is by not informing you as to what to eat but only how to mix and match your meals. Any diet like this one is doomed from the beginning, that’s why many call it the tryfoodlovers scam.

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