Food Lovers Online

Food Lovers Online Review


Food Lovers Online is the online version of the food lovers diet. Potential customers will learn about fast and slow carbs and how to eat them in the right order and proportions along with protein to burn un-wanted fat. Members can login to and can pick and chose from all the foods listed as to which foods they like and which foods they can’t live without. After your favorite food selections are made, foodloversonline will design several food lovers plates from the foods you chose with just the right proportions of each food.

Where To Start With Food Lovers Online?

It all starts with what food lovers online calls the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. Other aspects of the food lovers online program are the SMART technique, 7 day sizedown, 5-way metabolic fat fighter, and finally you can upgrade to food lovers premium. All available for different prices.

The cornerstone of the food lovers online program of eating the right combination of protein and specific types of carbs is designed to teach dieters how to combine foods on the fat loss plate to, according to the plan, “speed up metabolism, which helps burn fat.”

It is explained that fast carbs can actually turn into sugar therefore increasing insulin levels. One the other hand, slow carbs tend not to cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin. The real secret is combining both fast and slow carbs together with protein to minimize the effect on blood sugars and insulin in your body.

What Am I Allowed To Eat?

All sounds great so far, but the strongest selling point of the program is “Eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight and inches” is not completely accurate and if you read closely, it can be down right misleading. Most favorite foods, like red wine, chocolate, and other goodies you see featured on the web site, are only allowed in the maintenance phase of the program and only in extremely small portions. In fact, the truth is you are encouraged to skip all of these foods altogether. What’s up with that?


Participants are encouraged to eat some variation of a fat loss plate every 2-3 hours using very small portions to keep from getting hungry. Also, you are required to drink 8 to 12 full glasses of water a day for a total intake of 80 to 96 ounces. That can be very tough to do especially during the colder months.

Will I Have To Do Workouts?

Even though it is hardly mentioned during the commercials, exercise is a vital part of the food lovers online program if you expect to see any immediate results. All the workouts consist of videos that are very basic in nature. Not many workouts that target problem areas for most people such as arms, belly, hips, or thighs.

Is Food Lovers Online a New Diet?

Advertised as a completely new way to lose weight, food lovers online seems almost to good to be true. Food lovers online claims you can eat all your favorite foods and you will virtually become a fat burning machine. According to Provida, the key to the food lovers online is learning how to eat exactly the right foods at the right time and in the right proportions to speed up your metabolism and burn off excess fat. No new information at all, just very well marketed.

Another one of the claims to getting positive results with Food Lovers Online is about eating more often. Snacking throughout the day and in the evening keeps your body from feeling constantly hungry. This is usually a big concern for most dieters as they dread the thought of starving themselves just to shed a few pounds. Other benefits advertised with food lovers online are getting a better nights sleep, less wear and tear on your joints and the ability to improve your energy levels throughout the day.

Does Food Lovers Online Work?

Honestly, YES if you are a man and depending on the results you expect. If you are looking for a very slow method to lose some weight and still eat a “very little bit” of your favorite foods and drink tons of water, food lovers online may be a good fit for you.

NO, if you are a woman looking to lose 10 pounds or more, and want to lose noticeable weight and inches from your problem areas. IF that is you, food lovers online is not the solution. Fortunately, there is a much better option for you. It is called the Venus Factor and is designed especially for women only of all ages who want to lose weight fast and get a more toned and shapely body.

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