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Announcement: – Are TV Advertised Results Typical?


Like most of us, you probably first heard about TryFoodLovers through a TV infomercial or by visiting the website and would like more honest information before deciding if the program is right for you or not. Let’s examine some of the benefits and potential pitfalls you may experience in this tryfoodlovers  review before you spend anymore time or money in preparing to start your weight loss journey.

What are the Claims and Benefits of

The obvious benefit to the claims is that you could continue to eat anything you wish and begin to lose weight immediately. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to believe that concept. Espcially those of us who love to eat. In reality however, I think most of us would agree that is a pretty bold claim by Provida Life Sciences, the developers of Even though “eating what you want and still lose weight” is the basic premise behind, I’m sure you may suspect there is much more to successful weight loss than just that one element even if it were completley true.

As you may remember what was stated in the infomercial, the key to successful weight loss results is to eat the right combinations of fast carbs, slow carbs, and proteins. Following that plan will consequently speed up your metabolism and cause you to lose weight and inches. That is true as well but only to a very small degree. It has been medically proven that what you eat and how often has a far greater effect on your overall metabolic rate and keeping it a maximum fat burning level throughout the day.

What Age Group Got Best Results with

Simply because the entire program is based on increasing your metabolism, younger age groups are by far the biggest benefactors with the program. Typically, once a person reaches age 40 and especially 50 or over their metabolic rate slows down dramatically thus making it all the more difficult for a program such as to be significantly helpful for middle aged or senior participants.


Comparative Results Male vs. Female?

Test results across the board are extremely close to the same in both case studies of men and women who have used the diet program. The data gathered is a virtual tie for positive as well as negative results among these same groups. Clearly these test results reveal no significant insight as to which gender the program works best for.

What About Pre-existing Health Issues Before Starting With

Ironically, obesity is one of the largest contributors to many health related issues at any age such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure just to name a few. Any or all of these conditions can be a huge motivating factor for wanting to start a weight loss program. However, is not necessarily based on “healthy eating habits” but rather food group combinations meal plans. If you’re on daily prescribed medication you would be wise to consult your doctor before starting

How Long Would I Have to Wait to Start After Ordering From


If you were to decide to get started with the food lovers diet today, whether you call in or order from the website, you are probably looking at one to two weeks before it arrives depending where you live or if you’re willing to pay for expedited shipping costs. One of the downfalls of this program is the material is not downloadable and has to be physically shipped to your location. In this day and age that’s hard to believe and just adds extra unnecessary costs to the overall program.

Are Results Seen on TV About Typical?

In a word, NO. If you visit the website, you will discover in the fine print at the bottom of the page where it clearly states, “results are NOT typical.” Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As good and promising as some aspects of this program are, one vital part to successful weight loss and how to keep it off is definitely missing.

Does TryFoodLovers Work?

Like so many in the endless list of diets, diet may help you lose a few pounds at best. After your body adjust in about a week or so, you will most likely hit a plateau. Unfortunately, many times you will gain the weight back much quicker than you lost it with a few more pounds to boot! Bottom line is, most diets work initially but usually only for a short period of time. The diet is certainly no exception!

Is There a Real Solution For You?


As good as it all may sound, the truth of the matter is, no diet that ignores healthy eating habits and moderate exercise will ever work long term for anyone. It’s all about understanding which foods naturally burn fat and what very small group of foods you should avoid like the plague. If you visit, they simply do not address these critical issues.

The most successful diet I’ve ever reviewed is actually not a diet at all. It’s called The Venus Factor developed by John Barban. His amazing story has caught fire and is helping thousands of women in all age groups lose weight and keep it off for good. The best part is that the unbelievable results women are getting ARE typical.

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Food Lovers Online – Food Lovers Online Reviews

Food Lovers Online

Food Lovers Online Review


Food Lovers Online is the online version of the food lovers diet. Potential customers will learn about fast and slow carbs and how to eat them in the right order and proportions along with protein to burn un-wanted fat. Members can login to and can pick and chose from all the foods listed as to which foods they like and which foods they can’t live without. After your favorite food selections are made, foodloversonline will design several food lovers plates from the foods you chose with just the right proportions of each food.

Where To Start With Food Lovers Online?

It all starts with what food lovers online calls the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. Other aspects of the food lovers online program are the SMART technique, 7 day sizedown, 5-way metabolic fat fighter, and finally you can upgrade to food lovers premium. All available for different prices.

The cornerstone of the food lovers online program of eating the right combination of protein and specific types of carbs is designed to teach dieters how to combine foods on the fat loss plate to, according to the plan, “speed up metabolism, which helps burn fat.”

It is explained that fast carbs can actually turn into sugar therefore increasing insulin levels. One the other hand, slow carbs tend not to cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin. The real secret is combining both fast and slow carbs together with protein to minimize the effect on blood sugars and insulin in your body.

What Am I Allowed To Eat?

All sounds great so far, but the strongest selling point of the program is “Eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight and inches” is not completely accurate and if you read closely, it can be down right misleading. Most favorite foods, like red wine, chocolate, and other goodies you see featured on the web site, are only allowed in the maintenance phase of the program and only in extremely small portions. In fact, the truth is you are encouraged to skip all of these foods altogether. What’s up with that?


Participants are encouraged to eat some variation of a fat loss plate every 2-3 hours using very small portions to keep from getting hungry. Also, you are required to drink 8 to 12 full glasses of water a day for a total intake of 80 to 96 ounces. That can be very tough to do especially during the colder months.

Will I Have To Do Workouts?

Even though it is hardly mentioned during the commercials, exercise is a vital part of the food lovers online program if you expect to see any immediate results. All the workouts consist of videos that are very basic in nature. Not many workouts that target problem areas for most people such as arms, belly, hips, or thighs.

Is Food Lovers Online a New Diet?

Advertised as a completely new way to lose weight, food lovers online seems almost to good to be true. Food lovers online claims you can eat all your favorite foods and you will virtually become a fat burning machine. According to Provida, the key to the food lovers online is learning how to eat exactly the right foods at the right time and in the right proportions to speed up your metabolism and burn off excess fat. No new information at all, just very well marketed.

Another one of the claims to getting positive results with Food Lovers Online is about eating more often. Snacking throughout the day and in the evening keeps your body from feeling constantly hungry. This is usually a big concern for most dieters as they dread the thought of starving themselves just to shed a few pounds. Other benefits advertised with food lovers online are getting a better nights sleep, less wear and tear on your joints and the ability to improve your energy levels throughout the day.

Does Food Lovers Online Work?

Honestly, YES if you are a man and depending on the results you expect. If you are looking for a very slow method to lose some weight and still eat a “very little bit” of your favorite foods and drink tons of water, food lovers online may be a good fit for you.

NO, if you are a woman looking to lose 10 pounds or more, and want to lose noticeable weight and inches from your problem areas. IF that is you, food lovers online is not the solution. Fortunately, there is a much better option for you. It is called the Venus Factor and is designed especially for women only of all ages who want to lose weight fast and get a more toned and shapely body.

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venusvideo11 – Food Lovers Diet Reviews

Food Lovers Diet Reviews

The Food Lovers Diet is a weight loss system developed by Provida, a leading weight loss products company, originally under the supervision of nutritionist Robert Ferguson. At you will readily see that the food lovers diet is a relatively simple weight loss plan that focuses on eating the right combinations of foods, in small portions after every few hours. Although it has gained a lot of popularity (mainly through TV advertising), and is touted as the no-diet, “foodlovers” is for people who love to eat.

Foodlovers encourages the pairing of fast and slow carbohydrates with healthy fats and lean proteins to create an effective weight loss diet. It is similar to several other diet plans that promote eating of lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. However, it is a bit different in that dieters are encouraged to learn the right combinations of the foods and eat in controlled portions.


Food lovers fat loss system is a 21 day weight loss program that claims to help the dieters rev up their metabolism. This in turn provides the body with the energy required to burn calories, resulting in weight loss. According to the creators of the diet, you can expect to lose up to three pounds a week, depending on the original weight. However, these weight loss benefits can only be achieved as long as you are not eating foods that are not recommended.

How Does The Food Lovers Diet Work?

The Food Lovers Diet is all about eating specific types of carbs (fast carbs and slow carbs) in combination with lean proteins and healthy fats. Dieters of this plan are taught how to combine these foods, in order to speed up the metabolism process, which in turns helps to burn fat in your body more efficiently.

The fast carbs in the foodlovers diet are quickly converted into sugar when eaten, which increases the insulin levels in the blood. Slow carbs on the other hand metabolize slowly and thus do not cause a spike in insulin or blood sugar. When these carbs are overeaten, or their intake managed poorly, it results in an increase in the blood sugar and insulin levels. Insulin promotes deposition of fat in the body, which leads to weight gain and in some cases, obesity.

The diet teaches dieters how to manage carbs with lean proteins and healthy fats in order to reduce their effects on the blood sugar and insulin. This ensures that there are no spikes in the insulin or blood sugar in your body.

What’s on the Food Lovers Diet Menu?

The following are the recommended foods taken from food lovers online, from which dieters can choose to eat from:

• Lean proteins; these include pork, fish, eggs, lean beef, skinless poultry meat, tenderloin and low-fat dairy.

• Fast carbs; these include pasta, potatoes, bagels, muffins, rolls, and dried fruits

• Slow cards; these include carrots, peppers, eggplants, artichokes, zucchini, green beans, asparagus and broccoli.

• Free carbs; these include cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, sprouts, celery and lettuce.

• Fats; these include cheese, bacon, cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, mayonnaise, nuts, seeds and sausage.

Other foods that are allowed include limited amount of tea, coffee, diet drinks and club soda. Foods such as alcohol, soda, foods high in sodium, sugars, trans-fats, saturated fats, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, enriched flours and most processed foods are however, not allowed on the menu. This is because they are likely to slow your body’s metabolism rate.

Are There Any Food Lovers Diet Recipes?

Yes. Included in the food lovers online program are some suggested recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner found in the food lovers cookbook. Also, there are some different ideas for preparing snacks as well. Remember, the food lovers system is all about eating multiple times a day so there are plenty of ideas and suggestions included so you do not run out of options and variety. Although the food lovers diet recipes are handy, they are not required to be followed in order to have success with the program.

Who is the Food Lovers Fat Loss System Meant For?

The Food Lovers Diet is designed for the average person who engages in average day-to-day activities. With this diet plan, you do not have to spend numerous hours at the gym or have to make special meals. The diet is ideal for:

• Working professionals

• Stay-at-home moms who are raising children

• People who are always traveling

• Couples who want to lose weight

• Families

The diet is completely healthy, and unlike other diet plans that come with restrictions, it is diabetes-friendly. It can even be modified to accommodate vegetarians.

Is The Food Lovers System Expensive?

Unlike other weight loss diet plans that are available on the market, the Food Lovers Diet does not require you to buy any special foods, nor will you have to plant a garden. The menu is comprised of several foods, which you will find in almost every kitchen. This makes it a very affordable diet. However, to enjoy the diet, you have to buy a diet kit, which includes the 21-day plan, cookbooks, workout DVDs, menu planner and other guides to help you out with the program.


The Food Lovers weight loss system is increasingly gaining popularity among the average people who are seeking to lose weight. Unlike other weight loss diet plans, it allows dieters to work with foods they usually eat, which makes it very easy to stick to. It also has several foods on the menu, giving you the freedom to choose what to eat. If you are seeking for a diet plan to help you lose weight, the Food Lovers Diet plan might be worth a try. BUT… ONLY if you are a MAN!

WHY? Because science has proven that there is a vast difference in effective weight loss strategies in men and women.

Is There A Better Option For Women?

YES! The Venus Factor weight loss program is far more effective for women than the Food Lovers diet.

To discover the best and most proven method for female weight loss, simply click the link below to find out more.

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The Tryfoodlovers diet plan was created some years ago by workout specialist Robert Ferguson. More recently the program and website,, has become the property of Provida Life Sciences developers of health and wellness products since 2000. is so heavily advertised that we just had to take a closer look and we discovered some very interesting things about what is not included in the program as opposed to what is. If you’re over 50 and need to lose weight, please pay close attention as this post is especially for you. Continue reading